Forbes and Strawn address Jefferson Society on technology and society

Nancy Forbes, author of Imitation of Life: How Biology is Inspiring Computing, and George O. Strawn, CIO of the National Science Foundation, spoke to the members of the Jefferson Society on the topic of “The Development and Dangers of Technology in Society.” Their presentation took place on September 19. 2008. A question-and-answer period followed.


0:00 — Nancy Forbes: The Future of Information Technology

0:08 — Evolutionary algorithms

0:12 — Neural networks

0:14 — DNA computing

0:16 — Computer immune systems

0:24 — George O. Strawn: The Future and Information Technology

0:35 — IT over time

0:42 — New IT applications

0:51 — “Education’s End”

0:55 — Q: How will computer algorithms be able to counter human-created viruses?

0:57 — Q: Under what circumstances should change be considered a threat to society?

1:00 — Q: Will computers develop “autoimmune” disorders?

1:04 — Q: How do you account for the disconnect between machines’ abilities and our inability to take advantage of them?

1:08 — Q: Should we be concerned about giving computers human qualities?

1:10 — Q: What aspects of technological progress worry you?