Canine Campus #15: What to Consider when Considering a Dog

What are the tough questions you need to ask yourself when considering asking a dog into your life? Deven and Stace review Purdue’s “Pet Selection Survey” (download) and discuss the process of adding a dog to your family. Review of the survey questions includes some analysis of breed characteristics and common problems that arise from incompatible lifestyles, along with tips on how to find just the right match.


9 Replies to “Canine Campus #15: What to Consider when Considering a Dog”

  1. This is exactly what we did when we decided to buy a new puppy. Once done with the survey, we found that a King Charles Cavalier was the right match for us. Never hearing about the dog, we researched it and found the breed quite interesting. Well Buddy is 6 months old and he is the perfect dog for us. We are so happy with him.

  2. Those questions are definitely helpful. Unfortunately many people don’t do any research before choosing a dog. Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s the right one. And those pet stores know how to get the impulse shoppers with the cutest puppies.

  3. I never knew there was really so much to consider when trying to choose a dog to raise. I got my dog by chance as it showed up near my home without an owner and looking lost, and the circumstances probably never allowed me any choice other than keep him or to send him to the dog pound, but on hindsight I must have made the right choice as we are now inseparable. Listening to this podcast though, any dog, or pet, I choose to own in the future must consider the various points raised in the survey. So much time and effort goes into caring for a pet that it is a decision that must definitely be given due thought.

  4. This is the kind of information every dog owner should seek before getting it. Especially the first time owners. Most of them take decisions of getting a dog with out realizing the fact that its an addition to the family and involves some serious responsibility.

  5. This is a great survey. Too many people get the wrong kind of dog and then often they have to give the dog up when it does not work out. Everyone should answer these questions before getting a dog.

  6. You just have to remember that the dog will be “part of your family” and it will always require a lot of care and love. Just like babies do but for longer time…

  7. I have seen the results of a wrong choice of breed. A unhappy dog as well as a frustrated owner. A lot of people will get a particular breed because it is in trend or its the latest style statement without considering other facts.

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