New Dominion Podcast for September 6, 2007

The fall 2007 (and 2008 and 2009 elections), President BushGuv,!v,,us secret jaunt to Iraq and Chessie and Bigfoot.
That and more this week on Guv,!E”The New Dominion Show.Guv,!Vkj
(Teaser: Chris gives his prognostication on what Mark Warner will do next week in the final segment.)
Joining us this week:
– Brian Moran, the Democratic Caucus chair in the House of Delegates and a presumed statewide candidate in the 2009 state-election cycle.
– New Dominion columnist W.R. Marshall, who has a lot to say on the presidentGuv,!v,,us trip to Iraq and the Larry Craig quasi-resignation.
– Loren Coleman, a cryptozoologist and coauthor of Weird Virginia, who gives insight into Bigfoot and Chessie sightings in Virginia.