Charlottesville–Right Now: Del. David Toscano updates us on the General Assembly

Delegate David Toscano joins Coy Barefoot on the February 1st edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to discuss the transportation plan in the General Assembly. The House and Senate are divided over how to pay for new road construction. A majority in the House wants to pay for new projects by raising bonds, while the Senate plan relies on tax increases.

“We’re setting up for a logjam,” says Toscano. He’s concerned that the Senate plan also calls for pulling money out of the general fund to pay for roads.

Toscano also gives updates on the minimum wage hike. The Senate unanimously passed Senator Chuck Colgan’s bill to raise the wage to $6.50, but its fate in the House is less than certain. Coy also asks Toscano to weigh in on the problems of legislating during an election year.