Charlottesville-Albemarle Democratic Breakfast: Are electronic voting machines vulnerable?

Are electronic voting machines vulnerable to computer hackers? That’s the topic of the January Charlottesville Albemarle Democratic Breakfast. A panel of speakers discuss serious software issues as well as recent controversies. Errors in counting, confusing displays and lack of documentation, and discuss possible paths forward.

The moderator is Jim Heilman, a former registrar in Albemarle County. Panelists include David Evans of the U.Va Computer Science Department, Charlottesville Electoral Board Secretary Rick Sincere and Will Harvey, Secretary of the Albemarle County Electoral Board. The event is introduced by Russ Linden, the co-chair of the Charlottesville City Democratic Committee.

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  1. “I think we should still implement human interaction to ensure accurate ballots.”

    MAchine will change completely human, and that will be less human works and no jobs for all.

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