Charlottesville–Right Now: Brian Wheeler on government accountability, Berkmar Drive extension

Government accountability is the first item up for discussion during Brian Wheeler’s weekly visit to WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now. Brian is the executive director of Charlottesville Tomorrow, and joins Coy Barefoot each week to discuss growth and development issues. He is now using Richmond Sunlight each time he needs to refer to a bill before the General Assembly, and lauds the use of the web to open up public access to government information.

Charlottesville Tomorrow helps that process locally by recording planning meetings in Albemarle County as well as other meetings. But, Brian says the city planning commission is thinking about a move towards holding pre-meetings, outside of the glare of cameras in City Council chambers. (C-Ville Weekly has the report). He’s also concerned about a trend at the albemarle County Board of Supervisors where important topics are brought up at the very end of their hours-long meetings.

In the regular growth and development update, Brian and Coy discuss the possible extension of Berkmar Drive. Albemarle County Chairman Ken Boyd is calling for a quick vote on building the road, despite the fact that the Places 29 is not yet complete. Boyd’s comments from WINA’s morning program are also heard in this edition.