Senior Statesmen of Virginia: Al Weed v Virgil Goode

On August 9, incumbent Republican Virgil and challenger Al Weed met for the first time before voters in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. The event was sponsored by the Senior Statesmen of Virginia, and was held at the Senior Center in Charlottesville.
Not strictly a debate, both candidates had fifteen minutes to give an opening statement, and then had five additional minutes to rebut. Then they took questions from the audience. The first four of these dealt with illegal immigration, which prompted boos from the crowd. Questions also abound at health-care, energy policy, and economic development.

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3 Replies to “Senior Statesmen of Virginia: Al Weed v Virgil Goode”

  1. Several times during the forum Virgil quoted how he voted for higher penalties against employers. Virgil also quoted past mistakes in Immigration Laws which are causing today’s problem. Apparently he is talking about HR 4437 which imposes higher penalties. Conviently Virgil forgat about HR 3736 where he voted aginst higher penalties for employers who higher illegal immigrants.
    Why the “flip flop”? Is it now more politically correct?

  2. Really appreciate the chance to hear this debate! We were away on vacation when it took place so didn’t even get to read about it, but hearing it directly was so much better than reading a rehash in the Daily Progress. This is my first podcast of any kind, and it’s just a great medium.

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