Myo Sim Karate and Kendo turns 40

Rick Wellbeloved-Stone (left) and Christian DeBaun (right) spar while their master instructors look on…

Myo Sim Karate and Kendo celebrated its fortieth anniversary in Charlottesville this weekend with its annual black belt exams. Myo Sim was founded by Grand Master Sung Hong, a Korean immigrant who opened his first dojo near Galludet University in 1963. One of his students brought the practice to Charlottesville when he entered studies at the University of Virginia. Classes in both karate and kendo are now taught at ACAC. Sean Tubbs attended the celebrations, and spoke with Rick Wellbeloved-Stone and Christian DeBaun, two of Myo Sim’s instructors in Charlottesville.

Bryan MacKenzie wrote about Myo Sim last week in the Daily Progress.

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One Reply to “Myo Sim Karate and Kendo turns 40”

  1. Congratulations to Myo Sim Karate and Kendo for their 40th anniversary! These martial arts have indeed gone a long way and Charlotesville is lucky that ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center has incorporated in their programs the karate and kendo.

    I have particularly taken an interest in martial arts not only for the combative techniques it teaches but for physical fitness and the overall relaxing effect it brings to both mind and body. I hope that more fitness and wellness centers will adapt this kind of approach.

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