Wake-Up Call: Should smoking be banned in Virginia’s restaurants?

A Virginia House committee voted down a bill to ban smoking in Virginia’s restaurants this week, but the topic is not going to go away. It’s been done all over Europe, and Britain will prohibit indoor smoking in all public places at the end of the year. Lisa McCade represents area smokers who are opposed to the ban. Andy McClure is one of the two owners of the Virginian and West Main.

Rick Moore says he’s a guest on this show, representing area residents who don’t smoke.
In the monologue, Rick wonders what all the fuss is over restless leg syndrome, and wonders if anyone is paying attention to other diseases that plague society.

One Reply to “Wake-Up Call: Should smoking be banned in Virginia’s restaurants?”

  1. Yes, smoking should be banned. Second hand smoke is proven to be very bad for you as well. It is not fair to the non-smokers. The smokers choose to smoke. They are choosing to get lung cancer. Us non-smokers do not choose to smoke. We choose to be healthier. So be fair to us non-smokers and cut out the smoking.

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