Wake-up Call: What is a Sudbury School?

What role should students play in running the schools they attend? Should they be able to go to school and not have teachers? That’s the topic on this week’s edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call. Brenda Callen and Sue Frankel-Strait are helping to start the Friendship Sudbury School in Fluvanna County.
The idea is to let pupils direct their own studies, along the lines of those who are home-schooled. This “Sudbury” model of schooling began in Massachusetts as a democratic, non-compulsory form of education. Mark McCraig of the Fairhaven Sudbury School in Columbia, Maryland, calls in to talk about how his school works.

Rick’s monologue asks if it is possible to forgive a tragedy such as the recent mining accident in West Virginia.

The concept of adding a non-voting student member to the Albemarle County School Board was discussed this week on cvillenews.com.

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