Virginia Talkers: Listening to Memorial Day

Today we present the first of a new series from documentary photographer David Duncan. Virginia Talkers will present stories of the people in the shots taken by David as he travels throughout the state. This piece was recorded last week while he was on assignment in Lynchburg, covering the Memorial Day services at Monument Terrace. Approaching the ceremony, David came across Patrick Hubble and his daughter Meagan, (see below) fully decked out in period costume. Luckily, he had a microphone.

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One Reply to “Virginia Talkers: Listening to Memorial Day”

  1. It’s an interesting, refreshing piece outlining an era. I thought it was well done how you brought voices in reflecting an event that needs to be repeatedd every year because it was a such a colossal part of history. I was surprised at the local participation and I enjoyed the picture, too. It suggested American Gothic and it accompanied the story perfectly.

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