Jun 222010

Courteney Stuart, the Senior Editor of The Hook, explains the latest in the Morgan Harrington investigation to Coy.

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  1. […] the original here: Charlottesville–Right Now: Courteney Stuart Talks To Coy About The … ← Literary Abominations » Blog Archive » Back in the Podcasting […]

  2. Thank you Courteney for covering this story. I hope that we get answers soon. At least this tragedy will allow parents and students to see the awful results that can happen from abusing alcohol and drugs, and the opportunity for our children to see the importance of sticking together and looking out for each other. We can only hope that some light will come from this darkness.

  3. […] news in the Morgan Harrington case! They have identified a suspect. According to state police, fMorgan Harrington – Forensic Friday – Morgan Harrington Murder Suspect. Suspect in the murder of Morgan Harrington. […]

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