BusinessCast 134 with Erika Herz

Erika Herz
Erika Herz

In the news this week: “The Artistic Side of Darden,” “A Great Showing in Maryland,” and “Renewable Energy and Sustainability.” In our interview segment we are joined by Erika Herz, Darden’s Manager of Sustainability. Erika talks about the School’s progress in that arena.

BusinessCast 133 with Mike Bucci

Mike Bucci
Mike Bucci

Darden alumnus Mike Bucci of the Class of 1996, inventor of the Painter’s Pyramid, joins us this week to discuss helping new entrepreneurs. In the headlines: “Sharing Their Marketing Know-How,” Remembering Classmates,” “Sustainability Conference,” and “A Memorial Service.”

Jack Marshall and Brian Czech discuss limits to growth

Jack Marshall, President of Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population and Brian Czech, President of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy joined Coy Barefoot on WINA’s “Charlottesville-Right Now!” to discuss the limits to growth, both population growth and economic growth.

Czech describes a Steady State Economy as one that is stabilized and sustainable at an optimum size. He discusses recent national economic troubles as resulting from unsustainable growth. Marshall argues that stabilizing population growth is key to economic and environmental sustainability.

Czech believes that the decline in family farming, urban sprawl, and environmental decline are related to unsustainable growth and will threaten national security, including food and economic security.

Marshall describes the importance of sustainability as meaning that “we should be making choices today that don’t limit the choices of our children and children’s children.”

Natural Heritage Committee seeks funding, staff support for biodiversity efforts

The Albemarle County Natural Heritage Committee (NHC) was formed in July 2005 to advise the Board of Supervisors and other County officials on how the County can preserve its biological character. Since then, they have added information to a biodiversity database, created several data layers in the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) which depict the location of natural resources, and are in the process of creating a forest monitoring network in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service. Another project involves creating a biodiversity action plan to inform landowners of resources that could be on their property.

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