Senate candidate Gilmore touring Virginia to address energy production

Former Governor and Republican Senate candidate Jim Gilmore joins Coy Barefoot on the July 28 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” Gilmore is touring the state as part of his Working Families tour, and will be in Charlottesville at Sam’s Kitchen at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, July 30. He says that people are hurting from high gasoline prices, and that he’ll work to address that issue when he’s Senator. “We’ve got to have more domestic oil production and energy production, we’ve got to drill in ANWR and bring that oil in, and we’ve got drill off-shore,” Gilmore said. He said his opponent, fellow former Governor Mark Warner, won’t support those things.

Myth & Memory

Objects and ideas inform both history and contemporary thought and are the basis of the study of material culture. For Maurie McInnis, associate professor of American art and material culture and director of American Studies, understanding the antebellum South in the 19th century encompasses understanding art and objects from the perspective of class politics, social structures and hierarchies.

Working with Angela D. Mack, curator of the traveling show that originated at the Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, S.C., McInnis has spent the last four years creating Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art, an exhibition on view through April 20 at the University of Virginia Art Museum. The exhibition focuses on themes of race, slavery and the plantation from the 19th century to today…

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