Wake-Up Call: Michael Suarez, Director of the Rare Book School at UVA

Michael Suarez

Michael Suarez is the Director of the Rare Book School at UVA, a professor of English, and a Jesuit priest. He will join Sunday Morning Wake-up Call guest host Sean McCord to talk about the study of books, literature, and theology. Topics include: Why e-books will never completely replace printed books.

The Sunday Morning Wake-up Call is heard on 94.7 WPVC the Progressive Voice of Charlottesville, Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon.

Virginia Festival of the Book 2016: Literacy in America: Crisis and Hope

Michael Suarez discusses the criminal levels of low-literacy in the United States and their social and economic cost. A member of the Library of Congress Literacy Awards Board, Suarez considers what is being done and what can be done to address this crisis in American life.

Mr Suarez spoke at The UVa Harrison Institute, Small Special Collections on March 17, 2016 as a part of the 2016 Virginia Festival of the Book. Following the presentation questions were taken from the audience. The program was moderated by Barbara Heritage.

Our thanks to the Virginia Festival of the Book and the Mary and David Harrison Institute for American History, Literature and Culture at the University of Virginia for providing this audio.