Outside The Box with Mike and Leon: 5-13-11 “Hey looks like its close to Poughkeepsie”

Episode 24 – “Hey looks like its close to Poughkeepsie” The guys discuss whether photos of Osama Bin Laden deceased should be released, people spreading virusess on Facebook, their Cinco de Mayo festivities, McDonald’s efforts to remodel and keep pace with Starbucks, what each of “The Bases” represents, being a male student at a formerly all-female college, and more. Follow the show on Facebook: Outside The Box with Mike and Leon on Twitter: OTBpodcast make sure to visit the new website: OTBpodcast.com and spread the word to your friends!

The Wendy Edwards Show: Hobbies that Pay it Fwd

Who’d have thought you could Pay it Fwd through your favorite pastime? Helpful hobbyists Renae Chiovaro and Brian Geiger talk about how using coupons and creating homemade recipes instead of buying processed foods can save you money and promote the health of your family. Learn how simple changes in your shopping routine and techniques in the kitchen can turn you into a smart shopper and real “food buster!” Singer/Songwriter Sarah Blacker shares how she pays it forward through music over the phone while on her way to her gig at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall (4/19) in Charlottesville.

Tara Hourihan of Fluvanna, Virginia, tells us about her missing husband Rob and shares details that could help someone find him. It’s a strong and informational podcast this week on The Wendy Edwards Show.