Wake-Up Call: Live Arts Radio

Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Dan Gould talks with Nathan Anderith and company about his new Live Arts Radio project. Joining Nathan will be several cast members, a playwright, and the group’s music composer. Two of the project’s most recent radio plays are aired for the first time on radio.

The Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call is heard on WPVC 94.7 Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM. The station is currently looking for volunteers.

Live Arts Radio: Love’s a Racquet

Fickr: 5th Luna

The Charlottesville Podcasting Network is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with Live Arts Radio to bring you original radio drama from Charlottesville’s top playwrights. In the weeks and months to come, we will bring you original radio dramas written by members of the Playwright’s Lab and performed by Charlottesville actors. This is their pilot episode, a surreal comedy of manners and betrayal.

Love’s a Racquet was made possible by the following talented men and women:

Vincent Barbatti (Geoffrey) is a purveyor of all things sartorial, who enjoys late mornings, long-winded monologues, and dabbling in the dark arts. This is his thirty-seventh podcast, if one includes imaginary podcasts, and his first podcast, if one does not.
Lauren Gilroy (Catelyn) designs ponds, bakes cakes, and embroiders curse words. She enjoyed her foray into the world of voice acting and recording studios.
Lisa Weigold (Polly) has been active in the Charlottesville theater community since she was a child. She received a degree in theater in 2014 and has been stage managing and acting since then. Recently she could be seen in Gorilla Theater Productions “Pride and Prejudice” as Elizabeth Bennett.
Byron Harris (Playwright) is an ex-Fireman, ex-Banker, ex-Bosun’s mate on a Cruise Ship, ex-Assignment Editor at the CNN National Desk (for well over a decade), ex-Teacher, and ex-Bookseller. He started attending Live Arts Playwright’s Lab some five years ago, has had readings and productions of various plays in and around central Virginia, and is currently pursuing his M.F.A. in play-writing as a member of the Playwright’s Lab at Hollins University.
Nathan Anderith (Director, Co-Founder) has been on stage on four continents, but that did little to prepare him to direct his first podcast. While it’s a little strange to put hundreds of man hours into a thirteen-minute episode, it feels good to make something that will last. You can only sculpt ice cream castles for so long before you want to make a permanent mark (or a gash).
Sean Michael McCord (Co-Founder) is a Charlottesville-based playwright, producer, director, and occasional actor. Once upon a time, he was radioactive. He is currently an MFA Playwright at the Hollins Playwrights’ Lab in Roanoke.
Alex Citron, (Co-Founder, Facilitator of the Playwrights’ Lab) has been a member of the Lab since 2002. He has worked in theater for over forty-five years, as an actor, director, producer, set designer and stage manager. Of the seventeen plays he has written, six have been produced by companies in California, Texas, New York and Virginia. From 2005 until its closing in 2014, Alex was Executive Director of Play On, a Charlottesville community theater.
Cory Capron (Music Composer) has written three full-length plays and several shorts, directed and co-directed several shows, and worked in props, sound, costume and creature design. He is a founding member of Gorilla Theater Productions, where he has worked as house composer on many productions. Outside the theater, Cory is a short story author, a singer-songwriter, and occasionally an experimental filmmaker.

The Live Arts Playwrights’ Lab is a free forum for writers of every experience level, in which they share, read, hear, and discuss their work in a community of fellow playwrights. The Lab is dedicated to developing the work of local writers in a fun, creative, supportive setting; and includes opportunities for public staged readings and full productions. The Lab meets on the first and third Monday of each month (except July and August). Whether you’ve been writing for years or are just getting started, there’s a place for you in the Lab! Visit Live Arts The Foundry for more information.

Post production work for Love’s a Racquet was done by Dan Gould at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network.