CHIPping away at poverty

The Jefferson Area Child Health Partnership (CHIP) staff work every day with low income families. They help these families connect with needed services in our community. Some of the staff members are low income themselves, and they understand the challenges of trying to be a good parent when facing ongoing financial challenges. Compassionate and committed, the CHIP staff advocates strongly for their clients.In this podcast, they talk about the baby steps, support networks and knowledge people need to pull themselves out of poverty. Produced by Voices of Poverty.

Voices of Poverty: The Art of Being Homeless

Meet Art, a Charlottesville area native who never knew there were homeless people here until he was one of them. We met Art as a guest of PACEM, an organization that provides overnight shelter during the winter months. His story about living, working and trying to find affordable housing in Charlottesville is compelling and provides a glimpse of the daily life of the homeless among us.

Voices of Poverty is, at its core, a series of podcasts, audio interviews broadcast online, with those living in poverty or working to help those living in poverty, in the greater Charlottesville area.