Wake-Up Call: Special Needs Children and the Sprout Film Festival

On the March 4 Wake-Up Call about special education, host Rick Moore talks with Sarah Blech, Coordinator of the Albemarle Schools Parent Resource Center; Dr. Carla Manno of Accord Consulting, a special education advocacy group; Stephanie Morris, mother of two children with special needs; and Amy Azano of the Albemarle County Special Education Advisory Committee and a researcher at UVA’s Curry School. Among the many issues they discussed, the group also wants to make Charlottesville aware of the upcoming Sprout Film Festival, features films made by and about people with developmental disabilities, coming to the MLK Center on March 13.

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  1. Outstanding job ladies!! I too, could relate to the topic of parent’s dreams for their children and their family as a unit needing to be morned. With intervention you do learn to make new dreams, you develop a new sense of what is normal for your family. Asking for help is encouraged and more redily available now. Getting parents over the “denial hump” is challenging. It is a process, and each person goes through the stages at various speeds. I want to add that getting all children of school age k-12
    into as many classes and clubs is vital for them to be able to function in our communities once there is no more school , no more aides to follow you around and
    guide you. Teaching all children , most especially impaired children, the ability to advocate and communicate their needs and desires is how they will lead a full life to a capacity that suites their skills. Hope to see you at the Sprout Film Festival!!
    Catherine Lochner
    ACSEAC Vice-chairman

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