Chew The Fat With Chef Craig

Chef Todd Grieger of Maya Restaurant in Charlottesville gives us his take on how one becomes a successful chef.

Listen in as Todd opens up to Craig and gives us a truly candid interview. Todd’s rise to chefdom is inspirational and shows us all that we can achieve what we put our mind to. Maya Restaurant is well known for their straightforward, locally inspired food and Todd is proud to be manning the range. Remember, it’s all here on Chew the Fat!!


Produced and recorded in the studios of Charlottesville Radio Group, in conjunction with Chef Craig Hartman, Chew the Fat is the podcast that gives you totally raw interviews with leading chefs, restaurateurs, wine makers and other food artisans. These interviews are unscripted and outside the realm of publicists, conducted by accomplished Chef Craig Hartman. Hartman delivers these interviews with ease, sensitivity and a sense of insider savvy. The goal of these interviews is to expose the heart and soul of these sensitive, artistic and driven people. This podcast is for anyone who loves food and wine, especially those that want to know every aspect about who is behind the artisan food and wine.

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