The Wendy Edwards Show: A look at CPN and a listen to Bubba Rose

Podcast Yourself! with Mike Bisceglia of Outside the Box with Mike and Leon, creator of OTB Podcast!

Hear about shows now appearing on the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, a growing community where experts share information on niche topics ranging from home and garden structure to five star dining via podcasts produced at The Charlottesville Radio Group. The band Bubba Rose gets a mention for their fine tune “Get By” found on the Wanted Alive CD. And then the Next Voice Over Star gets underway! Justin Barrett and Kevin Delaney call in their reviews of our four finalists for Cartoon Voice Week – and just wait until you hear who loaned her voice to the script! Click play and enjoy this ninth episode of The Wendy Edwards Show, then don’t forget to place your vote for The Next Voice Over Star!