3/29/11 Real Life with Jennifer Till: Conversation with Death

It is a subject with which most of us in the western world are extremely uncomfortable. It is a subject that many do everything they can to avoid. It is the subject of dying and death. And yet my guest this morning, bodhi be, who is the Spiritual and Executive Director of Doorway into Light, is committed to changing that culture because he, and his group, believe that this unwholesome relationship with death has led to an unhealthy relationship with life and the life of the world we live in.

According to its web site, Doorway Into Light is founded on the essential truth that the death of our bodies is a sacred and spiritual passage. We are dedicated to elevating the process of death and dying back into the realm of sacred work; empowering, educating and supporting families and communities on their rights and choices for the dying; and helping to heal this culture’s relationship to aging, dying and death.