Charlottesville–Right Now: Candidate Jeff Clark Joins Coy Live

7.28.10- Independent Candidate for US Congress in the 5th District, Jeff Clark, joins Coy live in studio. Jeff explains his reasoning for running and takes local questions and concerns.

One Reply to “Charlottesville–Right Now: Candidate Jeff Clark Joins Coy Live”

  1. Coy,
    Thanks for giving voice to another “More Trains, Less Traffic” candidate, Jeff Clark!
    We encourage you to include our other candidates as well. They are:
    1st District, retired AF vet Gail “for Rail” Parker
    2nd District, retired Navy Captain Kenny Golden
    3rd retired U.S. Air Force vet John Kelly
    4th realtor Janet Murphy
    5th businessman Jeff Clark
    6th Harvard grad, Professor Jeff Vanke
    7th businessman Floyd Bayne
    8th retired Navy Captain Ron “for Rail” Fisher
    9th businessman, U.S. Army vet Jeremiah Heaton
    10th accountant Bill Redpath
    11th realtor Dave “for Rail” Gillis

    Gail “for Rail” Parker
    Vice-Chair, Independent Greens of Virginia
    Commonsense Conservatives

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