Charlottesville–Right Now: An ACAC Trainer Chats With Coy

7.14.10- Nicole George, an ACAC Trainer, chats with Coy about the No Limits Running Club. She gives Coy advice on how to become a better runner. For more information call the ACAC locations.

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  1. All are welcome – ACAC members & non Members!

    Purpose of the No Limits Running Club:
    • Introduce running safely and successfully to new runners
    • Support current runners in their quest to continue running
    • Create opportunities for the runners in the area to improve their running form and increase their speed

    Benefits of Joining The No Limits Running Club:
    • Monthly talks on various topics of interest to runners (sports nutrition, cross training, stretching, trail running, program design, etc)
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Monthly group runs
    • Access to group and partner running database
    • Yearly club social, and so much more…

    Register for the No Limits Running Club at any of the ACAC Locations. For more information about the No Limits Running Club, contact Nicole Goerge ( 978-3800

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