A history of the Jefferson Cable Corporation with Steve Ashby

Steve Ashby was a cameraman with the Jefferson Cable Corporation back in a day when public access television was the only local television in town. Ashby joined Coy Barefoot on the February 26, 2009 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” for his first radio appearance since 1971. He describes how the “community antenna” system worked in the days before NBC 29 went on the air. Some highlights:

  • Audio of Bob Monroe, the founder of the Jefferson Cable Corporation
  • Audio of Bill Olsen promoting an episode of Premiere Theater on Channel 11
  • Audio from Jefferson Cable’s 1970 Christmas program
  • Caller George Simpson calls in with an anecdote about working at the station
  • Audio from Community History by Bernard Peyton Chamberlain from 1975


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  1. and of course there was ‘Barefoot Excursions’ created by Mr. Coy Barefoot himself. embarrassing video footage available for a few dollars.

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