Brian Wheeler on water, roads and other infrastructure issues

Brian Wheeler, Executive Director of Charlottesville Tomorrow, joined Coy Barefoot on the December 16, 2008 edition of WINA’s “Charlottesville–Right Now!” to talk about transportation and other infrastructure topics. This week:

  • Brian describes his grandmother’s molasses cookie recipe
  • Transportation funding from the state is going to decline even further, according to Albemarle County Supervisor Dennis Rooker (Daily Progress)
  • Delegate David Toscano is carrying legislation to the General Assembly to create a Regional Transit Authority and a funding mechanism to pay for it (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • Brian gives an update on the community water supply plan. The issue is sure to come up in next year’s City Council and Board of Supervisors’ elections (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • Mike Gaffney is reappointed to the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority’s Board of Directors (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • City Council votes to amend the memorandum of understanding on the implementation of the water supply (Charlottesville Tomorrow)

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