Dan Olmstead discusses vaccines and autism on Charlottesville-Right Now

Dan Olmsted, Editor & Founder of the Age of Autism, a daily web newspaper covering autism as an environmentally-induced, treatable illness, joined Charlottesville-Right Now host Coy Barefoot to discuss possible connections between autism and vaccines.

3 Replies to “Dan Olmstead discusses vaccines and autism on Charlottesville-Right Now”

  1. Age of Autism is also known as ‘the clown blog’ for good reason. In now way is it a respected or even a terribly popular autism blog. Kristina Chew’s blog gets much more traffic. I would guess that Lisa Jo Rudy and Kevin Leitch’s Leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk gets much more traffic and they aren’t just click throughs from a google adword ad.

    Dan Olmsted was fired from UPI wasn’t he? And it’s not like he was ever “recognized” for anything. He’s a legend in his own mind.

    No one ever found any live virus in any child’s gut, dear heart. It was fraud. It’s a hoax.

  2. If there is no link btwn vaccines and autism, lets get a study done comparing vaxed and unvaxed kids and put it all to rest. What are you all afraid to learn????

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