Changing America with Folk Music

From civil rights activists across the political spectrum to Henry Ford, many Americans have believed that folk music communicates purer value than music created by commercial interests. Associate Professor of Music Richard Will examines efforts to change the country with folk music.


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  1. The song “Fellowman Blues” is one of many songs by Aaron Berg with amazing socially conscious lyrics. He actually quotes both the Declaration of Independence and Walmart in this song. And makes it all poetry!

    is there any end to the vastness that i feel
    or is it just a furnace built on a heart of steel
    is there any sense in burning a man who’s done you wrong
    when the only hope that’s given, lies in the days to come
    the hour is at hand to make a little noise for your fellow man

    the vagrants and the tramps are whispering in the night
    if you never give up hope everything will turn out fine
    or maybe fade away into a neon blinking dawn
    syndicated but forgotten, like the truthes we used to hold
    get on your feet and stand, make a litte noise for your fellow man

    is there any space between a sinner and a saint
    or is it just a strand of the sun’s golden ray
    is it any use in crying a lake of unseen tears
    when the only motion needed, is just to cast away your fear
    do what it is you can to make a llittle noise for your fellow man

    somewhere beneath the excess you’ll find the working class
    clinging to what’s left of a dream they thought would last
    now the only trace that’s left is shimmering in the night
    bought and sold everyday at fraction of the price
    if what you see demands make a little noise for your fellowman

    when you look into the face of a fool gone too far
    don’t let the senselessness cloud the bleeding in your heart
    when he speaks of virtue to mask his cruelty
    gather in the twilight where the spirit is still free
    strike up the band and make a little noise for your fellowman

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