Amy Carson of Moms Against Mercury

Mercury is one of the most powerful neurotoxins on the planet, and many vaccines have contained the element in the form of thimerosal. Many parents of autistic children maintain their kids have the disease because of mercury poisoning, pointing to a tripling of the vaccine schedules in the 1990’s. Coy Barefoot speaks with Amy Carson of Moms Against Mercury on WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to discuss the connection.


2 Replies to “Amy Carson of Moms Against Mercury”

  1. Amy Carson is doing wonderful, important work. Perhaps this is the most needed approach to Autism that exists today…not how to deal with behavior mod, or even identify autistic children. It is really about knowing if your child has been exposed to mercury and eliminating that in their systems [and your own]. And it can be done with fabulous results. Try for more info. Thanks, Amy!

  2. We need to get the word out, and perhaps create an alliance of like-minded folks to SHARE THE CAUSE and find out what we can do about UNSEEN KILLERS wreaking havoc on our bodies. Jump on this bandwagon and follow this initiative of forward-thinking scientists, doctors and passionate individuals on a mission to share a SOLUTION to our body’s POLLUTION. Watch and know that this will benefit even the next generation.

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