Charlottesville–Right Now: The end of cockfighting in Virginia?

Bob Gibson of the Charlottesville Daily Progress joins Coy Barefoot each week for an update on Virginia politics. The General Assembly session is coming close to the halfway point, and this Monday’s discussion begins with a talk about cockfighting. A bill has advanced in the General Assembly to felonize the practice, which has picked up in popularity among immigrants in the state since North Carolina banned the sport last year. But Gibson says the practice has a long and storied tradition in Virginia.

This was supposed to be a General Assembly session that dealt with transportation. After an original declaration of a compromise between Republicans in the House and Senate, things are a little less clear.

“It’s still fragile, and no one knows exactly what’s going to come out,” says Bob. “They have a deadline of Thursday this week for committee action on the two bills.” At issue is how any road projects should be paid for. Taxes or debt financing? Follow the compromise on Richmond Sunlight.

There’s also an update on Sen. Creigh Deed’s anti-gerrymandering bill, which passed the Senate and now awaits action in the House. Waldo Jaquith has posted YouTube video of Deeds speaking just before passage. Coy and Bob also discuss efforts to shore up Virginia’s DNA database for criminals, and the selection process to replace Judge Peatross.


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