Charlottesville–Right Now: Sen. Deeds on the Senate passage of his redistricting bill

Senator Creigh Deeds joins Coy Barefoot on the Thursday, January 25th edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now to give an update on the General Assembly session. Coy starts off the conversation by asking about Sen. Deeds about his bill to establish a Redistricting Commission. The resolution passed the Senate earlier this week on a close vote.

“In general, the bill sets up a non-partisan redistricting commission, drawn from the New Jersey model, using the Iowa criteria which sets some pretty radical notions that people come before politics,” says Deeds. He says the bill has failed each year he’s submitted it, and he’s thankful it’s finally passed. He and Coy talk about the legislation’s chances in the Senate.

Deeds, who sits on the Senate Transportation committee, also shares his thoughts on the Republican transportation plan that is currently being picked apart. He also laments the death of all of the bills that would have raised the minimum wage, and talks about SB1131, his bill to allow Charlottesville to create a housing fund to assist low-income residents. Deeds is also the patron of the now-dead SB891, which would have provided for reduced tuition for the children of university and college faculty.