Charlottesville–Right Now: Imperial Life in the Emerald City

Rajiv Chandrasekaran is an assistant managing editor of the Washington Post. He was promoted to that position after covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for the Post. Chandrasekaran has turned his experience as Baghdad bureau chief into the book Imperial Life in the Emerald City. “I started out my career at the Washington Post covering Northern Virginia and actually well into Central Virginia, and it’s amazing how life can take you from the wonderful hills of the Virginia piedmont to the deserts of Iraq,” says Chandrasekaran on the October 23rd edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now with Coy Barefoot.

The book describes what life has been like for those living inside the Green Zone, the walled enclave within Baghdad where Coalition and U.S forces live. Chandrasekaran traces how the initial enthusiam after the invasion began to fade as the Coalition Provisional Authority imposed policies that may have been counterproductive. Instead of sending the “best and brightest” to rebuild the country, he says the “loyal and the willing” were sent instead.