Wake-Up Call: Homelessness in Charlottesville

This time Rick is joined by Stephen Hitchcock, Director & Chaplain at The Haven, and Jordy Yager, journalist. Jordy wrote a piece called The Median Men for Cville Weekly. He spent 9 months learning about a group of 6 individuals that panhandle in the medians at major intersections around Charlottesville that stick together and made a camp to have roots.

Stephen says The Median Men may be a public face of Homelessness, but not necessarily the truest face. He describes the fastest growing homeless demographic as families and unaccompanied youth from 16-24 years old.

The Haven is a day shelter that offers phone and computer access, a place to store belongings and wash clothes. The mission is to help with housing solutions. Stephen says, “Why are people homeless? Because they don’t have a home.”

Jordy’s experience is that the individuals have their own personal story, but the people he got to know believed that you don’t deny what is given to you and that if a care package was given to them if they couldn’t use the products inside, they would find another person in need to give them to.

If you’d like to learn more about The Haven or give to their cause click here. You can read Jordy Yager’s article here.

Wake-Up Call: Bigs and Kids with Jackie Bright

Rick Moore is joined by Jackie Bright, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge. Rick and Jackie discuss the process of matching a kid and a Big by interviewing the child, their family and also doing background checks and then spending time finding the right pairing.

The purpose of Big Brothers Big Sisters, creating individualized support for children that are likely living in poverty so that they can get experiences outside of their communities.

A new pilot program has begun with the Alliance for Black Male Achievement where black male teens are paired with Bigs for mentoring and for workshops which include Soft Scale development, hygiene, conflict resolution.

Hear the program below and find out more about Big Brothers Big Sisters at www.blueridgebigs.org


Wake-Up Call: Affordable Care Act conversation with Carolyn Engelhard

Speaking this week about the Affordable Care Act, Rick Moore is joined by Carolyn Engelhard, Director, Health Policy Program, Department of Public Health Sciences at University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Commonly called Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act has reached its one year anniversary and Rick and Carolyn discuss how the major goals of coverage for more Americans and reducing overall health care costs are coming to pass.

The choices don’t have to be limited to For Profit versus Socialized Medicine.

Risk Pools more sick individuals mean escalating costs. A moderate pool means getting individuals who are not sick to purchase insurance, is that preventive care? Carolyn Engelhard mentions Philosophical care, where older and younger individuals are paying nearly the same amount with the expectation that the younger insured will one day be old have others to pay for them.

Wake-Up Call: David Toscano, VA House of Delegates Democratic Leader

Rick is joined by David Toscano, VA House of Delegates Democratic Leader, from the 57th District. He’s in his fifth term and a member of the committees of Courts of Justice, Transportation and Rules. Focusing on new rules on ethics in the aftermath of former Governor McDonnell’s conviction on corruption charges. Recent sexual assault issues in Virginia and the Hannah Graham case, Delegate Toscano is putting together a bill to expand the DNA database in the state.

Wake Up Call: Local Economy and Real Estate

On the January 26th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks local economy and real estate with Jim Duncan, Real Estate Agent and Partner of Nest Realty and Matt Hodges, Charlottesville Sales Manager and Loan Officer of Presidential Mortgage Group. Rick and his guests discuss the things you want to consider before buying and selling a home, plus much more.

Jim Duncan is the author of Real Central VA. A blog site on data and real estate analysis.

Wake Up Call: State of the James River

On the January 12th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore sits down with members of the James River Association to discuss the condition of the James River. Rick and his guests–Jamie Brunkow, James River Keeper, Michelle Kokolis, Watershed Restoration Manager and Rob Campbell, Upper James Outreach Coordinator talk about the history of the James, the rivers bi-annual report, efforts of restoration and more.

Wake Up Call:David Toscano

On the December 8th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks with Minority Leader in Virginia’s House of Delegates and State Delegate representing the 57th district, David Toscano. Rick and David discuss a variety of topics, including; mental health care, redistricting, the ABC and the Affordable Care Act. David also gives a prelude into the upcoming legislative session and the bills he plans to put forth.

Wake Up Call: Extraterrestrial Intelligence

On the November 24th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks about Extraterrestrial Intelligence and asks the infamous question, “Are we alone?” Rick and UVa Professor of Astronomy, Ed Murphy, discuss the evidence of alien existence, the drake equation, space travel and so much more. Those interested in astrology can visit the McCormick Public Nights for an opportunity to observe the stars and planets.


Wake Up Call: Post-Election Politics

On the November 10th edition of the Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore delves into post-election politics with Geoffrey Skelley, Media Relations Coordinator with the University of Virginia Center for Politics and Associate Editor for Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Rick and his guest cover the Governor’s race, demographics, third-parties, the 2016 Presidential election and more.

WNRN Wake-Up Call: Oil & Offshore Drilling

On the August 22 edition of the Wake-Up Call, Rick talks with Deborah Murray (senior attorney of Southern Environmental Law Center) and Marirose Pratt (associate attorney of SELC) about the oil spill, offshore drilling, and concerns about it. The SELC has offices in Charlottesville, as well as areas of the country affected by the oil spill. One of the main concerns of the SELC is that BP has violated the Endangered Species Act by not treating the endangered effected by the spill properly. In Virginia , offshore drilling has been postponed.

Dayton Haugh talks about the future of the Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad

cars16cDayton Haugh is the Chief of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad (CARS), a position he’s held since 1994. He joined Rick Moore on the May 24, 2009 edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call to talk about operating the volunteer organization, which is one of the busiest of its kind in the country. Haugh talks about the challenges of working with more than one jurisdiction, and the CARS’ future as other localities seek EMS billing and other revenue-recovery techniques.