Wake Up Call: Radio Resource Program/ 30 Minute Throwdown

On the December 1st Sunday Morning Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore interviews Mary Burruss, lead coordinator of the Radio Resource Project, a combined effort between The Music Resource Center(MRC), Tandem Friends School, and WNRN to allow local teens to create and air their own radio program. Starting on today’s show, we will air a seperate “30 Minute Throwdown” created by students on the first Sunday of every month. The half-hour show will feature original music produced/recorded at MRC, as well as music chosen by the students. Some of the music will be performed by Tandem singers/musicians. The show will also feature news and movie tips. Local area teen musicians are encouraged to submit music to the program as well.

Local musicians interested in submitting music should contact Damani Harrison at Damani@musicresourcecenter.org

Corner Lounge: Genna Matthew 11-18-09

Genna Matthew got her start at age 15 at the Music Resource Center. Her debut full-length album “Don’t Let The Sun” was just released. She’s also a UVA first-year and talks about life as a student and performing singer-songwriter. She also performs live/acoustic in The Corner Lounge, and talks about the song “Waitlist” which has become a UVA favorite, about her time on the school’s Wait List.