An Interview with Robert Bruce on Astral Projection

Have you ever had an uncanny experience such as the sensation of your hackles going up around a particular person or place, for instance, or an inexplicably vivid dream in which you could see yourself sleeping? Or one that made you wonder if claims about the reality of supernatural forces and out of body experiences have any validity? Robert Bruce doesn’t need to wonder. Since the age of three, his encounters with astral planes and psychic forces have left him with no doubt about the presence of unseen beings and forces.

An Australian mystic, healer, clairvoyant, and author of several books that are considered classics in the field, including Astral Dynamics, a worldwide bestseller published by Charlottesville’s own Hampton Roads Publishing. Earlier this month, Bruce spoke at Quest Bookshop, and held a five-day workshop on “Energy and Conciousness” at the University of Virginia’s Continuing Education Center. Amy Sarah Marshall was there, and spoke with Bruce afterwards.


Charlottesville artist debuts photographic novel

Comic books are traditionally drawn by an artist who uses pen and ink to depict action on a page. These days, many people might be surprised to know that comics are often touched up with Photoshop. But the characters in a new graphic novel coming out this month from Charlottesville artist Colin Whitlow are real people, captured using a digital camera, resulting in a cross between a film and a comic. I talked with Whitlow earlier this month in his office in the University of Virginia’s Studio Art Department, where Whitlow is an Anspaugh fellow.


A Look at Free Comic Day

Superheroes like Spiderman, Superman and Batman have made a lot of money on the big screen, but sales of the actual comics have been declining for decades. This Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day is an attempt by Diamond Distributors to remedy that by giving people a taste of the power of comics.

Two stores in Charlottesville are participating in the giveaway, including Atlas Comics on the Seminole Trail. We stopped by to get the low-down.

This program is no longer available. If you would like to hear it, please send us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to make it available once more.

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Feature: An Introduction to Kathakali

Throughout American history, people from all around the world have flocked here in search of a better life, and to reinvent themselves. Some people assimilate into the melting pot, while others remain isolated, keeping to themselves. But America can only reach its full potential when new traditions are brought to our shores, to stand alongside those that go back centuries.

In the second in our series of reports on the South Asian Community in Central Virginia, Deepak Singh takes us to a recent Kathakali night sponsored by the UVa chapter of the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. Kathakali has been a story-telling fixture in South India for over 500 years.

Feature: Explaining Sufi Music

The Charlottesville Podcasting Network is proud to debut a new series of feature reports on the cultural and spiritual life of the South Asian community in Central Virginia. Our reporter Deepak Singh has worked for the BBC, and currently calls Charlottesville home. Deepak will be producing regular stories, and we will eventually have a dedicated podcast for the South Asian community.

This introductory piece gives us some insight into the nature of Sufi music.