Wake-Up Call: The Reimagining of Friendship Court

Jordy Yager
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Sunday Morning Wake-up Call host Rick Moore talks with freelance journalist Jordy Yager about the redevelopment of the Friendship Court apartment complex in Charlottesville.

The Sunday Morning Wake-up Call is heard on 94.7 WPVC the Progressive Voice of Charlottesville, Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon.

3 Replies to “Wake-Up Call: The Reimagining of Friendship Court”

  1. The piece is a breakthrough because it acknowledges that Friendship Court is part of urban renewal, in contrast to decades of local reporting that Vinegar Hill was the only Urban Renewal. But the writers maintain the narrative that all blacks were only slaves & made no contribution. They don’t want you to know that a rich freed slave built Vinegar Hill. The Midway was a hotel built by Garrett in 1828. It went bankrupt, was used by several boarding schools, became the public school 1893. 1916 the elementary grades moved to McGuffey. 1940 the high school grades moved to Lane High. The Midway was torn down 1973. In the podcast I made it to minute 14:00. I don’t have time to waste on yet another fake plan.

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