Blokes on the Bench: Week 34

Blokes on the Bench host Andy Richardson and the Blokes are joined in the studio by C-Ville FC manager Bayram Sadikoglu to discuss their campaign in the UPSL. With a 3-2 win over Sparta 20/20 this weekend, we discussed Champions League and the shocking exit of Barcelona at the hands of Roma. Also, Liverpool knocking out Manchester City. And speaking of Manchester City, with the red side of the city losing 0-1 to West Brom, City won the Premier League with several games in hand. So where does that leave everyone else? Who’s going down? Wolverhampton Wanderers have been promoted to join the top flight next season. And lastly, Mark’s dislike of EPL referee Michael Oliver and where does Arsenal go from here after losing 2-3 Newcastle United. All this and more on this weekend’s Blokes on the Bench.

The blokes are Andy Richardson, Mark Coffman, Alex Gomaa

Blokes on the Bench is heard on WPVC 94.7 Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m.