Slavery and Plantations

Leni Sorensen speaking at the Senior Center in Charlottesville.

On April 30, 2015, Leni Sorensen presented the sixth and final part of our CPN Thursday series entitled The Civil War Through Different Lenses (2015).

“In 1820 only 12% of the enslaved had been born in Africa. By the decade leading to the Civil War, American Slaves were Christian, with English their first and only language,” says Sorensen in this interesting talk about the role slaves played in the development of the plantation system.

Leni Sorensen majored in history at Mary Baldwin, and earned her MA and PhD in American Studies at the College of William and Mary. For over thirty years she worked as a university lecturer, museum consultant, hands on presenter and researcher with a focus on African American slavery, American agriculture and Woman’s work in colonial and post-colonial America. Formerly Monticello’s African-American Research Historian, Ms. Sorensen teaches rural life skills such as canning, butchering, and cookery from her home in Western Albemarle County.

The lecture series was organized by award-winning historian and Charlottesville-based author, lecturer, and cartographer Rick Britton in conjunction with the Senior Center in Charlottesville.

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