Wake Up Call: The Art of Storytelling

On the September 2 Wake Up Call, host Rick Moore talks with husband and wife duo Joel and Jennifer Jones of their co-founded company Big Blue Door talk about different varieties of storytelling, the difference between writing and telling a story, and recent graduates from their classes Browning Porter and Miller Murray Susen come and tell their own stories.

3 Replies to “Wake Up Call: The Art of Storytelling”

  1. I was very interested in this program to hear about Story Telling, but I suffered through the first three rambling and advertising minutes before any thing near to discussing story telling started – and then another 3 minutes of rambling introductions to introductions to introductions about it. By then I was really bored and turned out, so I turned off at 6:10 minutes into the program – I’m sure other people who suffered though those tortuous 6 minutes benefited from listening to the remaining 54 minutes, which may or may not have involved any story telling or anything about story telling.
    Suggestion – first get to the meat of the program for 2 or 3 minutes, and then go to advertizing and detailed introductions – at least give us a teaser, some substance right away, and then do what you need.
    I was going to recommend the show to my friend who is a story teller from way back, but no way – you lost me.

  2. if you just want to hear the stories —
    Browning Porter begins @ 11:10 into the show
    Miller Murray Susen @ 34:30
    Joel Jones @ 51:45

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