Virginia Film Festival: Days Together: Director Peter Monro and star Erin Anderson.

Director Peter Monro and actor Erin Anderson sit with Sean McCord to discuss Days Together, a feature film that screens Saturday night at 9:00 pm at Vinegar Hill Theater.

Here’s the write-up from the Film Festival:

“Director and writer Peter Monro ditches heavy handedness and morals in this realistic and modern love tale about a beautiful, unsatisfied woman. Surrounded by friends who are settling down into adulthood, Alex (Erin Anderson) is at the end of a string of empty hook-ups when she meets Paul (Brian Soika), an equally despondent musician. When Alex decides to travel to Seattle to escape Los Angeles for a few short days, Paul convinces her to take him along for the ride. The new friends set out on the road, enjoying each other’s company and comfort until their incompatibility becomes clear. Beautifully shot and smartly paced, the film forgoes grand clichi in favor of the small, knowing moments that inform relationships.”