Charlottesville–Right Now: Rick Britton joins Coy Barefoot

1.12.11 Best-selling author and local historian Rick Britton joins Coy to continue their conversational series on the lifetime contributions of Thomas Jefferson. In today’s installment of “TJ’s Greatest Hits,” the discussion centers on the Rivanna River, and the 22-year old Thomas Jefferson heading up the committee raising money to dredge the River for commercial purposes. Britton then runs off a list of titles TJ held in the local government of Albemarle County, and also included is a brief caller quiz on some Jefferson trivia. Be sure to check out Britton’s January 13th (tomorrow) lecture at Michie Tavern on “Anastasia, Charlottesville’s Own Royal Princess,” and for more information call [(404)977-1234].

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  1. Persons that attended Mr. Britton’s lecture on Anastasia may be interested in a new book has just been published on the case by Greg King and Penny Wilson titled “Resurrection of the Romanovs”. The authors attempt to reconstruct the case based on previously unavailable resources. I’m surprised I have not seen it in any stores around town.

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