Charlottesville–Right Now: Dan Olmsted joins Coy Barefoot

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.6.11 Co-Author of the book The Age of Autism Dan Olmsted joins Coy to discuss the connection between mercury and autism. Today’s conversation focuses on the recent British Medical Journal study which proclaimed Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 study linking the MMR vaccine and autism not only incorrect but fraudulent. Olmsted provides his take on the recent back-and forth, but also characterizes the current state of child medicine. Also, Coy provides his very personal connection to the topic.

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  1. You have to be ethical to call some one a fraud. We investigated who is behind the British Medical Journal and Brian Deer, there are direct connections to the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s what we found to be true.

    In this report we find that the British Medical Journal violated their own ethical standards and fraudulently noted Brian Deer (who has no medical expertise) and who made the complaints against Wakefield himself, then reported it was making up his own news. It is also interesting to note that these self propelled accusations from Deer, surfaced 2 years ago! This is a very targeted old attempt at masking the damage the MMR vaccine causes. Dr. Wakefield never said do not vaccinate, he raised the question of and the recommendation of separating the measle shot from the mumps shot and the rhuebella shot to be given in 3 different time lengths not all at once. That is all he ever said. The facts are that Brian Deer and the BMJ are calling 12 parents liars and frauds and this is simply not true. The BMJ is not the final authority on vaccine safety and their attacks on Wakefield do not help their cause which is to sell more MMR vaccines.

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