Outside The Box with Mike and Leon: 11-29-10 “It Cleaned Me Out”

Episode 13 “It Cleaned Me Out” – The guy’s discuss Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Leon’s trip to Indiana, Mike’s addiction to coffee, Leon’s guide to a first-date, and much more. Make sure to check out the show on Facebook: Outside The Box with Mike and Leon and Twitter: OTBwithMikeLeon and make sure to spread the word to your friends!

6 Replies to “Outside The Box with Mike and Leon: 11-29-10 “It Cleaned Me Out””

  1. Ok Leon -You need a trip to Pittsburgh to see what a great city it is. No fancy food here. Huge portions of all food and everything has fries on it-whats not to love ??? Not to mention the awesome sports team and great people. Road Trip time

  2. I just came across this show and damn is it funny. That Leon guy is spot-on – Pittsburgh, its pollution, unemployment, and bandwagon fans suck.

  3. Leon looks like you have a Browns Fan following you. Ask Leon his thoughts on Clev. BTW Leon has never been to PGH and would love it. I know this

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