3 Replies to “Charlottesville-Right Now: Courteney Stuart”

  1. It was a very interesting topic for everyone. Courtney Stuart did the right choice to discuss this topic. As for the hidden dangers of smoke detectors, we have learn something useful here. Although there are lots of smoke detectors around us, it is very helpful when fire comes out anytime. Great conversation between both of you at Charlottesville.



  2. Greetings from Australia.
    This is an excellent podcast. Courteney Stuart has once again done an excellent job and got the story just right – especially NOT promoting combination ionization/photoelectric alarms due to the unacceptable false alarm problem with the ionization sensor. We’re promoting this story and the podcast on our Home page at http://www.TheWFSF.org

  3. If, as Coureney mentions, ionization detectors respond annoyingly to burnt toast and smoky cooking, this would seem to be inconsistent with the comment that they don’t respond well to smoldering fires. They seem to be similar situations, from a smoke particle size prospective.

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