Exploring the possibilities: What is happening around the country

On October 19, 2007, the organization hosted a one-day conference called Crafting Intentional Communities: Cooperating Living Along Life’s Journey. The event was designed to explore new housing and living innovations for seniors to live, grow and age in community. Kay Jenkins of JABA introduced the event’s second speaker.

Zev Paiss, co-founder of the Elder Cohousing Network, explained the 10 principals of the Elder Cohousing concept. He also described the emerging trends he sees in the development of these aging-in-community neighborhoods in a variety of situations.

Paiss is a national spokesperson for the cohousing industry and has been interviewed by many of the countryGuv,!v,,us leading national print and broadcast media about the sustainability benefits of living in a community setting. He is also co-founder of Support Financial Services which provides early stage financing to cohousing groups. Support has helped 13 cohousing neighborhoods get built since 1993.

Zev produced the 22-minute introductory cohousing video Guv,!E”Neighborhoods for People.Guv,!Vkj Since 1997, Zev has resided in the Nomad Cohousing Community in Boulder.