Live Arts Presents: Old Times – An evening of Classic Pinter

How does one describe a play in which more goes unsaid than said? Is there such a thing as a triple entendre? Decide for yourself after seeing Harold PinterGuv,!v,,us Old Times at Live Arts.

When Anna goes to visit her old friend Kate and husband Deeley in the English countryside, each of the characters seems to relive and revise their pasts while reminiscing. The pastoral setting becomes quickly tainted, however, as Anna and Deeley politely spar for control of Kate. Under the direction of Francine Smith, this play explores the power of memory and the dangers inherent in trying to manipulate your own Guv,!V| or othersGuv,!v,,u.

Francine Smith, Live Arts Director in Residence, is director of this production. When asked about Old Times, Smith said, Guv,!E”The essence of the play can be summed up in one of AnnaGuv,!v,,us lines: Guv,!LnjThere are some things one remembers even though they may never have happened, but as I recall them so they take place.Guv,!v,,u PinterGuv,!v,,us work is distinctive and provocative in that what is not said (in the pauses) speaks more than the words themselves and the questions or recollections found in the play are ever answered or validated. Lots of bits and pieces leave the viewer free to conclude what really went on twenty years ago between Anna (played by Boomie Pedersen), Kate (played by Daria Okugawa), and Deeley (played by Chris Baumer).Guv,!Vkj

First performed on June 1, 1971 by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Aldwych Theater in London, Old Times has continued to gain audiences across the globe through its universal examination of shifting time and definitions of truth. Written by Harold Pinter, renowned British playwright, actor, director and political activist, Old Times is one among a long line of his plays that have won him critical acclaim. It is with great excitement that Live Arts brings the work of this theatrical pioneer to our UpStage theater.

Tickets for Old Times go on sale to the public Monday May 28 and may be purchased in one of three ways. Tickets are sold via phone at the Live Arts Box Office, in person Monday through Friday 10 am. Guv,!vDjnj 6 pm., or 1 hour before the performance. The preview performance of Old Times is June 7 at 8 pm. Free tickets to this continue

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