Wake-Up Call: Environmental architecture in Central Virginia

The green building movement has taken Central Virginia by storm, perhaps in part because of the local presence of former U.Va Architecture Dean William McDonough. On the February 18th edition of WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call, Rick Moore explores the environmental architecture with a panel of guests and why you should consider going green for your next home.

Bob Pineo is local architect and developer. Betsy Roettger, is professor of architecture at the University of Virginia. Deb Brown is the account manager for Amvic Building Systems, which makes something called insulated concrete forms. Mark Greenfield is a subcontractor who specializes in using ICFs in his work.

The panel discusses what makes a building green, how green U.Va is, ways to increase energy efficiency in your home, and the financial costs of green methods. There’s also a definition of LEED, a building standard run by a group called the U.S. Green Building Council.

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One Reply to “Wake-Up Call: Environmental architecture in Central Virginia”

  1. I have been a builder for many years and I know there are so many things that can bring a building up to Green statics. For one, placing the house solar windows towards the north east so the home gets the sun in the morning during winter months. I could fill this and probably a hundred other pages with Green building tips but I won’t here. I will say just do a bit of searching and you can find any solution.

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