Area residents take the “poverty diet”

I’m feeling a bit guilty about the breakfast I just ate. That’s because several Charlottesville-area residents are cutting back on what they eat and drink over the next three days. They’ll be participating in the “poverty diet experience”, a project of several area non-profits including the
Jefferson Area Board for the Aging, the Legal Aid Justice Center, Monticello Area Community Action Agency (MACAA), the Quality Community Council and the Virginia Organizing Project.

Participants are restricted to only spending $2.83 a day on food and drink. That’s the average amount a food stamp recipient gets. Charlottesville High School student Michael Strickland is taking the challenge. I spoke with him yesterday about what he expects.

Michael has a tape recorder, and he’ll be keeping an audio diary of his experiences. We’ll post that for you on Thursday.

3 Replies to “Area residents take the “poverty diet””

  1. My tips for those participating in the poverty diet.

    -Skip Breakfast (except for coffee if it’s available Free at the minimum wage job where one works- if one has a job at all. And if one is working a minimum wage job- try to get it at a fast food restaurant where at least one meal is free for employees).

    -Raman noodles and lots of water (water’s almost free). Then if you can afford it and want something other than water splurge on a box of tea bags and use them for unsweetened ice tea.

    -Two Double Cheeseburgers (or McChicken Sandwiches)and a small soda from the dollar menu- eat in only and only at a location with the soda fountain in the dining area (fill up on as much free soda as possible).

    -Lots of dried beans and rice.

    -Swallow your pride and find out where the local soup kitchens are that have free prepared meals and when.

    -Supplement food stamp purchased groceries with groceries from the local food bank (if they do give-a-ways like that and if you can afford the transportation to and from).

    Stinks to be poor.

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