Charlottesville–Right Now: Laura Bono of the National Autism Association

Laura Bono, founder of the National Autism Association, joins Coy Barefoot on the October 26th edition of WINA’s Charlottesville–Right Now. Her son Jackson was born in 1989, and Laura says his health began to decline after his 16-month vaccinations. Jackson began to withdraw and regress developmentally, and was diagnosed as being autistic.

“My husband Scott and I felt like our child was now becoming allergic to the world,” says Laura. “Something was desperately wrong with his immune system and so we felt like it was the vaccine.” There was no history of autism in her family.

Bono says NAA is geared towards finding a cure for autism, and for providing support to parents. She reports her son is benefiting from chelation, a process in which toxic metals are removed from the body. But she says most doctors are still opposed to the idea that autism may be mercury poisoning.

On November 17, Bono will travel to Washington D.C. to tell the National Institute of Health what direction she and her group think research should go in to combat autism.

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