The Poverty of Education: QCC poverty series concludes

We bring you now the fourth and final in a series of community conversations on poverty sponsored by the Quality Community Council and the University of the Poor. This conversation from February 1 centers around education, and how a poor education or no education can factor into someone’s likelihood to fall into poverty.

The session is introduced by U.Va religious studies professor Corey Walker and speakers include: Deidre Gilmore, Chair of the Public Housing Association of Residents; Professor Robert Q. Berry from the Curry School of Education; Kendra Hamilton of Charlottesville City Council & Black Issues in Higher Education; Emily Dreyfus of Legal Aid’s JustChildren; William Harvey, U.Va’s vice president for diversity and equality; Kenneth Jackson, QCC Volunteer. Janet Legro, Youth Minister of St Paul’s Memorial, served as moderator.

Thanks to CPN Volunteer Sean McCord for recording this event.

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